The Weekly W.I.W.O.R.N.

What I’m Working On Right Now 

  •  Professional Jobs ( 10% )
  •  “Night of the Moon Beings” a game for computers ( 25% )
  •  Music project “Eraser Eraser” ( 20% )
  •  Animation Project “Jack Grim - Vampire Getter” formerly titled : “San Francisco” ( 40% )
  •  Animation Project “Will & McClean” ( 10% )
  •  Another Secret Animation Project “Involving Pirates” ( 0% )  CANCELED
  • New Secret Collaborative Project Titled “Unfold” ( 5% )

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Just finished all of the key-framing for the pilot of a possible new cartoon series.

I haven’t posted any sketchbook stuff in a while.

Just found this sign on the ground.

Sup cool friends

Sup cool friends

Moon Fight!
Michael Chandler
Night of the Moon Beings

"Moon Fight!"

Check out the battle music from the game I’m working on. A mechanic of the game is collecting instruments. The more you collect the more complex the music gets. You can hear, It starts off with just the beat and then more instruments come in. 

The point of the music will be to boost the stats of your co-op partner while in battle. So if you happened to pick up a strong weapon/item that your partner may have missed, you might have the opportunity to pick up a musical instrument to help them out.

I hope you guys like the music and I can’t wait to show off the game!

mynameiscortnie replied to your photo:Homsar???
i’m not gonna lie to ya, that’s a healthy piece of real estate (omg please tell me you know this quote)

You shanked my Jenga ship!




I just want to make simple weird doodles sometimes.